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Sierra Foothill Construction

Grass Valley contractor Keoni Allen owner of Sierra Foothill Construction at commented on the ease of remodeling for both he and Kane’s restaurant during the last renovation of Kane’s, using short term rental storage space at Old Barn Self Storage in Grass Valley. By having a delivery location for the vendors that were supplying necessary items for the remodeling, the contractor and his client avoided the many usual delays of not having the necessary units when needed. Keoni, mentioned that it was good to have what you needed when you needed it. It made the scheduling easier for the people supplying product and the client using them. 

Many times the contractor has to schedule around the supplier, say cabinet makers. Many times, when busy, the cabinet people are not able to just keep producing because they do not have the space to store while the contractor is going through their process. Short term storage rental, one month at a time can smooth out the process for the contractor, the suppliers and the client. A few hundred dollars for a month’s storage goes a long way in any construction project, new or remodeling. We all know the stress involved with clients when there is construction going on. This extra space is a stress reducer for all parties.
Posted on 10 March 2014 | 10:01 am

Old Barn Storage/North Pole

Old Barn Self Storage looked liked Santa's North Pole yesterday, when all the gifts for the Women Of Worth  gift project were loaded up in the Old barn Storage truck and two vans. The gifts were taken to the Fairgrounds where they will be distributed to hunndreds of families.  Old barn Storage was also the drop off point for Toys for Tots and the Roamin Angels toy drive. Lew, Paulette, and Geraldine  managers at the site  devote a great deal of time to these organizations. Merry Christmas. Posted on 20 December 2012 | 11:55 am

Happy Art Contest

Just about every school in Nevada County grades K-4 received a package on a new "Happy" art contest  for the hillside at Old Barn Self Storage. There will be prizes for 1st, 2nd and 3rd places for each month for the months of February  March and April. In addition there will be a prize for the class room that produces the first place artist. First prize for each month will be $175.00, Second prize for each month will be $100.00 and third prize will be $50.00. The winning class rooms will receive $200.00 for art supplies.  Go to  . There you will see the cow. Click on the Old Barn cow for all the details.  All 1st place art will be reproduced and displayed on the hillside .  Good luck  and HAPPY painting. Posted on 19 December 2012 | 3:39 pm

The Roamin Angel's 50th Anniversary Car Show

For the sixth year in a row Old Barn Self Storage’s manger Lew Aebersold has presented a trophy at the Roamin Angel’s car show. This year’s award went to Ed Tozer from Lake of The pines.  As a resident of Lake of the Pines he joins many other car owners from Lake of the Pines who participated in this year’s Roamin Angels car show.  The Roamin Angels are one of the many nonprofits who store their goodies at Old Barn Self Storage and who are supported by Old barn Self Storage..   The over 700 cars that came to the car show came from all over Nevada County, Grass Valley, Nevada City,Lake Wildwood , Penn Valley, Alta Sierra and outlying areas. Cars came in from all over Northern California and, Oregon and Nevada also. It was a great show and a great way for the Roamin Angels to celebrate their 50th anniversary.

Posted on 24 September 2012 | 9:59 am

Old Barn Gears up for the 3rd Annual Italian Festival!

These are exciting times around Old Barn Storage as many of the non profits gear up for their events. Old Barn Self Storage looks like a bee hive as the Nevada County Italian Cultural Foundation gears up for their third Italian Festival on Sept 15th and 16th at Western Gateway Park in beautiful Penn Valley which is becoming known as the Tuscany of Nevada County due to it’s terrain, weather and vineyards. The Italian Festival should be bigger and better this year and Old Barn Self Storage is a major supporter for the group. People from all over Northern California come to this festival.  The Italian Foundation donated over $40,000. to the Western Gateway Park in the form of six tournament size Bocce courts. With the tremendous donation of over a hundred yards of concrete by Hansen Bros. Enterprises the bocce facility is one of the best in California. On any given day you can find people from Grass Valley, Lake Wildwood, Nevada City, Alta Sierra, Lake of the Pines and Yuba county playing bocce.  Keep your eyes on the Happy Art at Old Barn Self Storage and our Banner Fence as we support the local non profits in Nevada County with Free placement of banners.

Posted on 12 September 2012 | 6:55 am

The Roamin Angels Roar Into Town!

These are exciting times around Old Barn Storage as many of the non profits gear up for their events. Old Barn Self Storage looked like a car show as members of the Roamin Angels  got ready for their thirteenth Cruise in The Pines Cars Show. They store much of their car show equipment at Old Barn. It is wonderful to see their unflagging enthusiasm for their hobby, and passion.  Year after year they provide a great show and shower  Nevada County with their generosity as they support Nevada County community efforts.

Posted on 10 September 2012 | 6:55 am

Old Barn Storage has become a community communication link.

Old Barn Self Storage serving Nevada City, Grass Valley, Peardale, Chicago Park, Penn Valley and surrounding areas has unexpectedly become the town crier for  community events. Its beautiful location on top of Springhill Dr. has become a beacon for the non profits of Nevada County to announce their coming events. Along with the hillside art, Old Barn Self Storage , at no cost to the non profits, provides space for the banners announcing their coming events. Thousands of commuters see the banners which promote everything from the county fair to the Italian festival. Some of the non profits that use the site are:
Women of Worth, Nevada County Fair, The Italian Festival, Draft Horse Classic, Toys For Tots,Animal Save and several more. For a complete list see our website under community involvement. Posted on 27 December 2011 | 1:38 pm

A landing place for contractors and their suppliers.

Old Barn Self Storage is a landing place for contractors and their suppliers. many contractors and their suppliers in Nevada City, Grass Valley and outlying areas of Penn Valley, Chicago Park, Rough & Ready and South County have worked out a system where all appliances, cabinets and other material can be held until the contractor needs them.the landing place allows the cabinet maker to build and deliver the product. the contractor is not tied to the cabinet makers schedule and vice versa. Another advantage is that the products do not get knicked or scratched while the remodeling is being done. It  is a win win situation for the owner, the contractor and suppliers. Posted on 27 December 2011 | 12:58 pm

Old Barn Storage is a haven.

Old Barn Self Storage is a haven for people remodeling their homes. Homeowners in the Nevada City, Grass Valley and outlying areas of Penn Valley, Alta Sierra, Lake of the Pines, Peardale, and Chicago Park are using Old Barn Self Storage to store their furniture until the remodel is completed. No matter how careful the contractor is there are always some dings to the furniture. Some people choose to put containers on their property but the risk of roasting the furniture in the summer and freezing in the winter and the damage to the furniture is not worth the perceived savings. If you're thinking of remodeling check with Old Barn Self Storage. Posted on 27 December 2011 | 12:09 pm

Old Barn Self Storage is not just a self storage.

Old Barn Self Storage is not just a self storage. Old Barn Self Storage is a major link in inventory supply control for small businesses in Grass Valley  and Nevada City and outlying areas of Alta Sierra, Penn Valley, Peardale, and Chicago Park. Small businesses use Old Barn Self Storage as a drop off and storage so that they do not have to tie up expensive sales space with inventory. Posted on 27 December 2011 | 11:52 am

Old Barn Self Storage "Happy Art" on the Hill

The happy art on the hill was created to put a smile on Nevada County resident faces.  Every month we change the theme of the happy art.  The majority of this hill side art was based on drawings by the grammar school children of Nevada County.  This was part of a contest where over 300 children from Grass Valley and Nevada City participated in a drawing contest.  There were hundreds of dollars in prizes and art supplies given to the Grass Valley and Nevada City grammar schools.  And to this day, parents and children look for their art on the hill. Posted on 27 December 2011 | 11:04 am

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