Fathers seem to get neglected when it comes to recognition. Even the “HAPPY” signs graciously displayed by Old Barn Self Storage off the Golden Center Freeway seem to reflect this. Mother’s Day gets a lovely sign, but Fathers’ Day acknowledgment seems to be lacking.

Don’t dads deserve the same glory as moms do? Being an involved dad can be an unappreciated job. Wouldn’t it be nice to acknowledge them with respect and appreciation?

Every involved dad deserves a pat on the back. As the conventional nuclear family seems to be falling to the wayside, it is common to have the mom as a single parent, and the dad paying child support.

I work for our local Department of Child Support, and find that many dads are diligent about providing for their children, and feel that nobody recognizes their efforts.

We can’t time travel back to the 1950s, and the “Leave It to Beaver” household never really existed. Times may have changed, but a father’s love for their children, and the importance of having a father in a child’s life, never has.

For all those dads out there who try their very best to take care of their children, thank you.

Deborah Herrera,
Grass Valley

Published Date: 
Tuesday, March 24, 2015