Twin Cities Church would like to give “kudos” to Old Barn Self Storage for the use of its moving van this past Sunday. Old Barn Self Storage allowed us the use of its van to collect and transport food items that our TCC folks brought to church with them to be donated to Interfaith Food Ministries. The threat of rain was upon us, so the enclosed Old Barn Self Storage van was a blessing. We collect food for IFM each month, but this month was a special extend compassion emphasis for the holidays, so we had a lot more food to transport than usual — filled about half the capacity of the Old Barn Self Storage van, which would have been equal to many pick-up loads. Kudos to Old Barn Self Storage — one trip and no fear of wet groceries!

Angel McGregor

Twin Cities Church

Reprinted from The Union

Published Date: 
Tuesday, November 27, 2012