An 8-year-old boy who won a holiday art contest - to be displayed at Old Barn Self Storage along the freeway - is giving some of his $175 in earnings to a wildlife rehabilitation center that saves birds of prey.

Nevada City Elementary student Jack Devlin, 8, made a holiday-themed jack-in-the box picture with a Christmas tree on it. In the holiday spirit, Devlin promptly decided to give a chunk of his prize money to the center in Penn Valley "where they save birds of prey that are injured," he said.

"I just like birds of prey," Devlin said about his decision to donate. His grandfather taught him about raptors such as hawks, falcons, owls, buzzards and condors, he said, adding that he will be excited to see his work presented on a large scale off of Highway 49.

The Old Barn Self Storage on Spring Hill Drive in Grass Valley held an art competition for young students this year, and the 320 participants were all awarded certificates. Those who placed also received prize money and a chance to have their work displayed on the large Old Barn signs.

"I was blown away," Jim Warne of Old Barn Self Storage said about Devlin's donation, which Jack told him about in a letter. "I know lots of adults who wouldn't give you 10 cents. These kids are teaching us."

Money was also donated to art teachers of the winning students, Warne said, adding that he saw teachers using their own money to buy art supplies when his daughter was a student.

A picture of a menorah made by another elementary school student, Nigel Breitner, will be on another of the Old Barn signs this month, Warne said.

As reprinted from The Union

Published Date: 
Monday, December 4, 2006